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Animal Drape Award

Animal Drape Award

  • 6" x 30" or 6" x 48" animal drape award
  • Three layers of ribbon
  • If printing 2 lines of type the letters are normally 1/2" tall
  • If printing 1 line of type the letters are normally 1" tall
  • Gold print only
Animal drapes are an exciting option for animal competitions. They offer the same quality and attention to detail offered as all of our other hand sewn award ribbons but on larger scale.

We offer two sizes to meet the needs of the event. We recommend the 30" award drape for small to medium sized animals such as sheep, goats, and yearlings. For larger animals (cows, llamas, horses, etc.) the 48" award drape would be better suited.

Each award drape features three layers of satin ribbon with gold fringe accents at both ends. Up to three colors and 2 lines of print are available on each award drape.


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