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Dog Show Awards Cover Contest

2021 Dog Show Awards Cover Contest


Cayla Kankash

Photographed is "MACH2 ADCH-Bronze Blackfoot's Gold Coast Maori Gift", a five-year-old Labrador Retriever after receiving her Agility Dog Champion-Bronze Title through the USDAA @Home Titling Program. "Kiwi" is a versatile dog that loves to be put to work while training for agility trials, hunt tests, nosework and dock diving. She has a ton of drive but comes with a wonderful off-switch at home - she loves to snuggle on the sofa with her owner/trainer, Cayla. She always has something to say and you can hear her while she's waiting to come into the agility ring and while running a course. Cayla is going to use the prize money to help buy "Kiwi" more toys, training supplies, and entries to agility competitions.


Pamela Padgett

Photographed is Alta-Tollhaus Immix, a four-year-old German Shepherd Dog who earned a Level 2 title in a Christmas Hide 'n Seek Competition at Conway Canine Companions. Immix enjoys Hide 'n Seek where he puts his nose to the test and finds rats and anise. He competes in K9 Nose Work, FAST CAT, and has recently begun participating in a Frisbee league. He loves soaring through the air for his Frisbee! His owner and photographer, Pamela Padgett, will use the money to purchase more Frisbees and pay entry fees for competitions.


Dakota Berdahi

Photographed is Gus the rescue Heeler mutt holding his two new ribbons after achieving his CGCU and CGCA titles! Gus was rescued in January of 2020 and currently has 15 AKC titles! He loves to compete in Rally, Obedience and Agility. Gus proves every day that rescue mutts can compete and excel in the competition sport world! We plan to use the money to buy more treats and enter more shows!


Hilary Huskey

Photographed is "Ivie's Strength is Honor", aka: "Noxus", a Siberian Husky after titling in a local Fast Cat event. Noxus is a sweet boy that has a heart of gold. Lovingly referred to as "Captain America", he will try anything for his owner. Noxus is an athletic boy that adores running and playing fetch. He leads his recreational mushing team and holds multiple titles across different registries. Noxus will spend his prize money on entering his favorite sport, dock diving! Photograph taken by Hilary Huskey, Noxus' owner and handler.


Catherine Perron

Photographed is CH Jendu Wild Wild West DSA at the NADD Nationals in Toledo Ohio. "James" is a conformation Champion as well as the Number One Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dock Diving Dog in 2019 and 2020. James will be getting lots of treats and some new water toys.


Petra Neumueller

Pictured is English Springer Spaniel "CH Essgermany's N' All-Time Hawaii Five-O", aka "Kono" and "Essgermany's Diamond Head", aka "Diamond Rally Novice".


Sue Kendall

Photographed is Vargas, a Welsh Terrier after winning his RATCHX7 and Crazy 8's Double Platinum Silver. Vargas is currently the highest titled Welsh Terrier in Barn Hunt. He loves to hunt but also has a sassy side when it comes to tunnels. Vargas plans to spend his prize money on a new bed and some bully sticks. As you can see, Vargas loves to pose for pictures with his Hodges Badge ribbons!


Linda Davis

Pictured here is "GCH CH Snapshots Don't Spill the Beans CAX21". "Taco" is an 8-year-old Dalmatian with over 110 conformation and performance titles. In his spare time, he works with the Laurel Police Department (MD) with their Pink Patch Project for Breast Cancer.


Denise Thomas

"Ticket", "Solachis Over The Limit", is a 2 year old Border Collie and competes in agility herding and dock diving. He is posing with our "ribbon tree" in the lobby at Countryside Agility Training Center. The ribbons from Hodges are so pretty we have one tree that we just adorn with all the big rosettes every Christmas. They look extra fancy with the lights from the tree and get lots of compliments every year.


Rebecca Pogue

Photographed is Rebecca Pogue and "PHENOMENAL BULLIES MOSCATO OF JDK", an American Bully who had become a XL CHAMPION in a conformation show hosted by ABKC (AMERICAN BULLY KENNEL CLUB). Moscato is now living the retired life and enjoys going on car rides and daily walks. Rebecca no longer participates in the show ring because she is now a BRC GLOBAL show host of the OHIO BULLY SHOWCASE. Moscato worked very hard to win all of her awards and it is such an honor to have her featured.


Lorri Henry-Beauchamp

Miniature Australian Shepherd "Henry-Beauchamp's Whirlpool" aka "Kiva" ponders over the joys of accomplishment of trialing in NADAC and AKC agility. "Kiva" and her owner Lorri value their bond be it hiking, kayaking, trialing or just hanging together. Their favorite times are those made while "Kiva" puts on her "Therapy Smile" and they head to Assisted Living Facilities. It has been a long, lonely time because of Covid 19 so they plan to use some of the prize money for little gifts for the residents. "Kiva" and her twin 'doggie niece' often pull a wagon full of treats for those folks, and enjoys the payback, given in pats and hugs.