Employment Opportunities at Hodges

Hodges Recognition is a Hodges BadgeCompany, Inc. brand.

Hodges Badge Company, Inc. is headquartered in Portsmouth, RI with a factory in Washington, MO, has a variety of employment opportunities at different times of the year. Generally, we hire most heavily in the late winter and early spring, but check this site from time to time to see what is available.

Hodges Badge Company, Inc. regularly accepts applications for both factory and office positions. If positions are not immediately available, your application will be kept on file for six months.

The company participates in local community organization efforts to improve the work force skills of the greater Newport County (RI) and Franklin County (MO) areas.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Ms. Lee World/Human Resources Department at lworld@hodgesbadge.com with subject line: "Attn: Human Resources".

Positions Available:

There are no positions available at this time.