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How Are Rosettes Made

Traditional rosettes are made from acetate ribbon, cardboard, staples, thread, glue and fasteners. Although some automation can be used to help streamline the process of manufacturing rosette badges, a significant amount of handcrafting goes into the assembly of each individual rosette.

We begin the process of manufacturing rosettes by stitching, gluing or stapling the satin ribbon into a circle. The rosette may be designed with only one circle or multiple tiers. When the circle or circles are finished, a disk or button is carefully affixed in the center. The center of the rosette is printed with a phrase noting a specific achievement, such as “First Prize” or “Best Show”. The disk may contain custom information, such as the date and the name of the event or organization.

Next, streamers are stapled onto the back of the rosette, and finally, the top is glued to the back. At this point, each rosette is carefully hand-inspected to ensure that it is flawless. Only rosettes that meet our high standards for quality are allowed to leave the Hodges Badge facility.